In 1954, Mr. Abbas Khan established Abbas Transport Company during the early stages of the transport industry in Aurangabad. Over a relatively short period, ATC earned a robust reputation for its trustworthiness and reliability. In 1972, Fayaz Khan, Mr. Abbas Khan's eldest son, became a part of the company. Fayaz Khan's dedication and exceptional abilities eventually led to him assuming the reins of the business. He reflects, "I took on the responsibility of my father's business, enhanced its operations, and nurtured its prosperity. This was a collective endeavor involving my brothers, our unwavering commitment, and our father's guidance. Today, the legacy of our father and the business continues with the new generation, as the company has diversified into logistics, auto sales, and training."

At Abbas Transport Company, we're fueled by a passion for excellence and unwavering commitment to exceptional products and services. Our journey, born from a vision to make a difference, has transformed us into a trusted partner for individuals and businesses alike. In today's dynamic landscape, we're not just a company

we're a team of forward-thinkers, always ready to adapt and innovate to meet your evolving needs.

Abbas Transport Company's mission: Delivering excellence through innovative solutions, exceeding client expectations in transportation.

Our mission at ATC Group is to revolutionize the transportation industry in India by consistently delivering innovative, customer-centric solutions, and fostering a culture of excellence while upholding our core values that prioritize society, customers, suppliers, employees, and the industry as a whole.

  • Customer-Centric Excellence
  • Innovation-Driven Operations
  • Guided by Core Values

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